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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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Three Steps To Achieve An Effective Office Wiring Solution

Relocating an office between buildings is a logistical trial of patience. The most successful office relocations are ones where you give an abundance of forethought to the layout of furniture and equipment before its arrival. However, many business owners overlook the need to provide the same amount of foresight to the electrical needs of the relocated equipment. An office wiring solution considers your electrical needs before moving day occurs. Use these three steps to help your business achieve an effective office wiring solution at its new premises.

Create A Furniture Plan

To obtain the perfect office wiring solution, you first need to decide where to place your employee's furniture within the new premises. The best way to show the placement is to produce a detailed map showing the layout of the office, where each item sits, and the number of electric devices at each employee station. For example, each employee's desk on the plan must show phone, computer, and other electrical needs. After creating the furniture placement plan, you can move to the next step.

Engage A Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician helps achieve an effective office wiring solution in several ways. After finalising the furniture placement plan, arrange for the electrician to meet you at the new office to inspect the current electrical outlets. Once there, discuss the following topics:

  • Placement of additional power sockets to meet the needs of each desk
  • Placement of power sockets to meet the needs of stand-alone equipment such as photocopiers and printers
  • In-wall cabling needed for computer networking
  • Power needs of boardroom equipment such as electronic whiteboards and overhead projectors

The more thought given to this part of your office's needs, the less chance you have of creating a hazard from overloaded power strips and cables stretching across floors.

Electric Component Health

The second part of an effective office wiring solution involves the health of each electronic device. It is not uncommon to damage plugs and wiring during an office move. Once the relocation is over, have the commercial electrician return to the office for two tasks:

  1. Check all electronic devices for damage
  2. Assist with desk cable management to reduce clutter and safety issues.

These three steps of achieving an effective office wiring solution enable your employees to plug in and start work quickly after the relocation. So, contact your local commercial electricians to begin the planning process as soon as possible to ensure there is no delay in achieving your wiring needs.