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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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Ways to Make Your Central Air Conditioner More Efficient

If you have a central air conditioner, you might find that your energy bills spike when you use it regularly. There may be ways to make the unit more efficient to where you get better quality air while also reducing your monthly bills. Here are some easy and effective way to make your home air conditioning unit more efficient.

Keep the Air Conditioner Clean

To start with, make sure your air conditioning system, vents, and filter are all clean. If you keep the same air filter in all year long without cleaning or replacing it, it is going to require your air conditioner to work a lot harder. You will have air coming through the vents that isn't as clean as it could be, and your energy bill goes up. Make sure the air filter is clean and that you have the ducts cleaned as well. For the unit itself, clean the fans and coins of the exterior unit, also ensuing no leaves or debris are caught inside the unit. The frequency of cleaning the unit depends on how much you rely on it, but doing it between every season is a good idea.

Find Cracks and Holes to be Sealed

If air is escaping through holes or cracks around windows or doors, then you are paying a lot more for your air conditioning than you need to. Start by inspecting your home thoroughly, paying close attention to all walls, vents, windows, and doors. Cracks tend to hide around door jambs, window frames, and between the wall and ceiling and the wall and floors. Fill in any cracks that you find and make sure no air is escaping. Installing weatherstripping is also a good way to reduce lost air.

Use Fans With the Air Conditioner

Believe it or not, turning your fans on while the air conditioner is going actually helps lower your bill. It might seem like it would cost you more, but using the fans helps to circulate cool air. This means you can adjust the temperature on the air conditioner to a higher temperature, so it isn't working as hard to get to that cooler temperature you want. Try turning up the air conditioner a few degrees and turning on your room fans or ceiling fans. It should blow cool air around and keep you comfortable, while also reducing your energy consumption.

Have it Inspected Routinely

There may be issues with your HVAC unit that you don't see right away, but are causing it to work less efficiently. There could be a faulty thermostat or a mechanical part in the exterior unit of the air conditioning system that needs to be replaced. This is why getting regular inspections and maintenance by a professional is recommended.