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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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Types of retail store lighting and where to install them

If you own a retail or business store, you know the importance of installing the right lighting. It could be the difference between attracting and keeping away potential customers. This article explains the 4 main types of lighting suitable for business stores and where to install each type of lighting.

General/ambient lighting

This is actually the main source for your business store. These lights make sure that your store is dark and that customers have adequate general light to find their way around your store. It would seem obvious practice to begin installing your general lighting first. Nevertheless, commercial electricians actually advise the opposite. By starting with your accent, task and decorative lighting first, you are able to know which sections still need the installation of general/ambient lighting.

Task lighting 

This type of lighting is a more focused type, installed to better light up specific areas in your store where extra lighting is required to perform specific tasks. Commercial electricians recommend the installation of task lighting in the following areas:

  • Store entrance to invite clients in
  • Signage- to give passers-by an easy time reading your store name
  • Checkout area- allow cashiers to handle money well
  • Customer service desk- make sure customer service needs are addressed correctly
  • Changing rooms- provide enough lighting for customers to try on clothes.

Accent lighting

This type of lighting serves to highlight certain areas, displays and interior decoration in your store, to highlight specific products and items and add a sense of elegance. Here are some of the areas in your store that need accent lighting.

  • Near the front store entrance to accentuate new products and item displays
  • Any section to accentuate a piece of décor or art
  • In shelving or display nooks
  • On top of window displays to enhance visual emphasis

Decorative lighting

This type of lighting functions precisely to add sophistication and splendour to your business store. Decorative lighting includes chandeliers, customized fixtures and intricate wall fixtures. Again, decorative light fixtures should be visible that's why they are installed in prominent areas. Here are some ideal locations:

  • Front entrance- captures the attention of passers-by so that they would want to come inside the store
  • Window display- elicits a closer look from customers

With all being said, your retail store's lighting installation should be customized according to the available space. This is why retail store owners should hire commercial electricians to help them with installing each respective type of lighting at the right section.