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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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Where to place flood lights on your property for security purposes

Flood lights are applications that can be used both for aesthetic purposes and for security purposes. They are very good supplements to any security system, as they lighten up dark areas where burglars otherwise could hide to avoid discovery. When installing your own flood lights, there are a lot of things you need to think about. However, one of the most important things to consider is the placement of your flood lights. In order to place the light where it does the most good, there are a few things you need to think about.


A common mistake a lot of people make when they install flood lights is that they place them close to the ground. This makes installation a lot easier, but it also takes away a lot of the efficiency of the light. Lights that are mounted high up will spread more light and therefore be more efficient when it comes to discouraging or discovering intruders on your property. Mount the flood lights as high up as you can. Make sure you don't put them over paths or doors where people often walk, as this might pose a safety risk if the light were to fall down.

Dark spots

You should also consider placing your flood lights at the corners of your house, as this ensures the entire house is well lit and doesn't create any spaces close to the house where intruders can pass unseen. Also consider placing flood lights in other corners that are created on your property. The same thing applies for dark spots in your garden, like underneath trees, where people could be hiding. Use the flood lights to get rid of all dark spots and make sure that you put the most effort on illuminating your house and its immediate surroundings.


If you have a fence surrounding your property it might also be a good idea to position lights on it in regular intervals so that the area just inside of the fence is well lit at all times. This makes it harder for intruders to even get to your property without being discovered. You could ask your neighbours for permission to do this, as they are likely to notice lights that are put up so close to the border of their property. However, as flood lights can benefit both sides of the fence and not just yours, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just avoid directing the lights straight towards their house so that they don't have to be blinded by the glare of the lights. 

For more information about installing flood lights in your yard, contact a local electrician.