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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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Why You Choose an Electric Heat Pump for Your Home

Many people wrongfully think that heat pumps are only used to warm buildings, especially during the cold winter days. However, heat pumps can also be used to help cool indoor climates in the same way air conditioning units that are commonly used in many homes today do. As the following points will disclose, installing an electric heat pump is definitely a good investment in your home.

Saves up energy

An electric heat pump does not work by the same principle as an electric furnace, which heats up a room by converting electrical energy into heat energy. Instead, the heat pump uses electrical energy to move hot air from one section of a room to another. This allows it to deliver a greater amount of heat energy relative to what it uses up in terms of electric energy. Hence, of all electric-powered HVAC systems, electric heat pumps can prove to be the most energy efficient.

No harmful by-products

Modern homeowners are not only concerned about having control over their indoor temperatures, but they are also keen on achieving clean, indoor air quality. The best thing about electric heat pumps is that they do not pollute the air the way combustion-based HVAC units such as gas furnaces or boilers can. As a result, no harmful carbon gases are released when these heat pumps are running. Thus, you can be assured of clean and safe heating and cooling service within your home.

Quiet operation

Every homeowner wants temperatures inside their homes moderated as noiselessly as possible. HVAC units that burn fuel in order to operate may end up creating a lot of unwarranted noise within your house. Since there are no by-products produced as an electric heat pump is running, you will not have to deal with noise caused by clogging problems.

All you will need to boost quiet operation is to perform regular cleaning and maintenance of your appliance. The sound that is usually produced when your heat pump's fan is rotating will automatically reduce, as you get closer to achieving the desired room temperature.

Uniform indoor temperature

In order to keep your home comfortable, you need uniform distribution of hot or cold air when you are using an HVAC unit. Unlike furnaces, which are notorious for providing fluctuating temperatures in different rooms, electric mitsubishi heat pumps can supply hot or cold air at consistent temperatures daily and seasonally as long as the thermostat has been set properly.