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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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Electrical Service: Security Solutions for Residential Clients

A good number of services offered by residential electricians today are meant to boost security. If you are wondering how an electrical contractor can help burglarproof your home, here is a look at some of the security solutions that they can provide.

Motorised gate

Your main gate serves as both an invitation to guests and first line of defence when it comes to preventing unwanted people from entering your home. If the gate is manually operated, a qualified electrician can help you automate it by installing an electric motor. Regardless of whether your existing gate slides or swings to open, one thing is for sure; a motorized version can beef up security more than a manually-operated one.

With a motorised gate, you will no longer have to leave your car to open and close the gate manually or get out of your house to allow guests in. All you need is a gate opener to operate your gate with the gentle press of a button. This way, you will reduce exposure to security threats that might be lurking outside. More advanced motorised gate systems can even detect and thwart efforts by outsiders to gain forceful access to your home.

Outdoor security lighting

Many burglars work their way into residential property when it is dark outside. Placing security lights in poorly lit outdoor areas is essential to ensuring your home stays safe. A professional electrician can help you install outdoor security lights where they are needed the most to increase the chance of detecting burglars in case they attempt to find their way into your home.

All entrances into your home, including your main gate and front door, will be well lit so as to discourage burglar intrusions. Security lights can also be placed around your perimeter fence to act as a further deterrence to burglary intentions. If you do not have a perimeter fence surrounding your home, you can light up the porch at night to see who is at your doorstep in case you suspect someone is tampering with your door locks.

From a security standpoint, well-lit exteriors can make any home safe to live in. What is more, homeowners feel safer if all areas around their property are easily visible.

Electric fencing

If would-be intruders think that they can get a free 'pass' into your home by climbing over its perimeter fencing, disappoint them by installing an electric fence, which will electrocute anyone who touches it.

For more information on increasing your security, contact local electrical services