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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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3 Problems that Are Causing a Crackle or Buzz in Your Electrical Circuits

Electrical safety in your home is very important. It is of great significance to watch out for any unusual signs from your electrical panels, electrical circuits, and electrical appliances. Neglecting any unusual signs is a bad idea because there could be a potential hazard underlying those signs. Among the signs you shouldn't ignore is an electrical buzz or crackle. This can be very dangerous and may even lead to an electrical fire. Knowing the underlying causes for the electrical circuit crackle or buzz can help you find solutions and prevent possible electrical hazards. Here are some of these causes that you should know.

Loose Connections in Your Electrical Wiring

Loose connections in your electrical wiring are the first common causes of the annoying electrical buzzing sounds that you keep hearing. This is very dangerous and if not handled carefully, they can lead to problems with your wall plugs and possibly cause an electric fire. If you have been hearing the buzz more often lately, cut off electric power to that circuit by simply turning off the switches or tripping your circuit breaker for safety. If you are comfortable handling electric components in your home or if the wiring problem is visible, you can then fix the wiring problem on your own otherwise, you should call an electrician.

Circuit Breaker Failure

Another possible reason for the buzzing could be that your circuit breaker is going bad and therefore fails to trip. A circuit breaker will usually trip when the amount of electrical current flowing through a given circuit is too high. Therefore, if the breaker has developed an issue, it will not trip, allowing very strong electrical current to flow through your circuits and this may be heard as a buzz. This is dangerous because the strong electrical current can lead to overheating and cause fire hazards. Your circuit breaker should be checked by an electrician to rectify the problem.

Shorts within Your Electrical Circuits

If there is a short within your electrical circuit, you may hear a buzz just before your circuit breaker trips or before your fuse blows. Shorts are usually caused by an overloaded circuit. For this reason, you need to identify the affected circuit first. You will then have to decrease the circuit overload by simply disconnecting all the devices, especially appliances that you added on an electrical circuit or any other devices that could be drawing more electricity from that circuit thereby increasing the electrical demand from it.

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