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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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The Pros and Cons of Electric Wall Heaters

If you don't currently have a heating system in your home, you might be considering having an electric wall heater installed. This type of heater is often installed by an electrician, who is able to get it installed efficiently and safely. Here are some pros and cons of electric wall heaters so you can decide if it is a good option for you.

Pro: There is an easy installation process

One of the top benefits of choosing an electric wall heater is that it is an easier and less invasive installation process. If you are in need of heat since the cold season is just around the corner or it is already winter, then this is a great option. It provides better heat than a space heater, but takes much less time and labour hours than having a central HVAC system installed. With the electric wall heater, an electrician should be able to get it done in a single day. They don't need to install any special piping in the walls or install ducts if you don't already have them in your home.

Con: It may use more energy

Since this type of heater relies on electricity instead of gas or propane, it is going to use up a little more energy to operate efficiently. This is because electricity is used to generate heat, making it a less energy efficient heating option than some of your other choices. With the extra energy used for an electric wall heater, you are also spending a little more in operation costs with higher energy bills. However, you should also consider how the energy usage is different when only heating up a single area instead of attempting to heat up all rooms in your home if you had a ducted heating system.

Pro: They don't cause a lot of noise

Another benefit to having an electric wall heater installed is that it is often quieter than other heating systems. Any heating system using ducts or vents in your home is going to be noisier as it pushes the hot air out of the vents. Furnaces also have a tendency to cause quite a bit of noise. However, you don't have these problems with a simple wall heater. It isn't attempting to push hot air out in the same way as with the other heaters, so you often have a warm home without the added noise and distraction.

Con: Only small spaces will be heated

If you want a heating system that will work on your entire home, then the electric wall heater is not for you. This is meant for small spaces and heating up only certain areas of your home at a time. While it often heats up more than just a single room, you need multiple units throughout your house if you want to heat up multiple bedrooms and living spaces. However, it is great for apartments and small houses.

For more information about installing this kind of heater, contact an electric contractor.