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Enlightening Facts and Illuminating Ideas About Electricity

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An Electrician Can Do More Than Just Install New Wires

When your home's wires short out or become frayed and bare, you may know to call an electrician. However, you might not realize all the things that this person can do for you around the house, above and beyond just installing new wiring. Note a few other services you might want to leave in the hands of an electrical professional, and why you want to call one when considering any of these upgrades, additions, or changes to your home.

1. Alarms

An alarm company may offer to do all the installation for you, but it can be good to call an electrician for this work. The wiring needed for an alarm needs to be connected to your home's circuit box, but you may want to also have it connected to a backup battery or other power source so it still works even if the power fails. It's also good to have it on its own circuit so that the alarm system won't fail if something else connected to that circuit should overload the wiring. Having an electrician install a new alarm, security cameras, and the like will ensure the electrical part of the job is done properly and the system is always getting power.

2. Energy savings analysis

If you cringe every time you look at your home's electric bill, you may want to call an electrician to do an energy savings analysis. They can note if your appliances and light bulbs could be upgraded to save on their electrical use, and also test the wiring of your home. Older wiring that doesn't actually support the energy needs of new appliances and fixtures may be working harder than it should to provide power and, in turn, could actually be more expensive overall. An electrician can also note if your home is a good candidate for solar power and may recommend the best types of panels for you.

3. Specialty lighting

You might want motion detectors connected to lights outside, or spotlights that highlight certain landscaping features at night. You might also want a light installed at a flagpole for keeping that area properly lighted, or may want an outdoor light over a patio or deck area. Inside, you might want dimmers, a large chandelier, or other such specialty lighting in certain areas as well. Whatever your needs for special lighting in a home, an electrician can typically install more than the wiring it will require but can also install the lights, bulbs, switches, and everything else you need.